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алушта отели на берегу моря все включено
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Here concentration of antifreeze is checked by the analyzer (marksman). In cooling system not one distilled water provides necessary cooling of the engine, and a mix from water, antifreeze and anticorrosive means. Therefore to speak about a cooling liquid or about cooling means more precisely. The parity of elements in a mix for the European conditions makes 2: 3, in northern countries 1: 1. The engine Protection against freezing to Water Antifreeze The four-cylinder engine –25 °С –35 °С 4,0 l 3,5 l 3,0 l 3,5 l The six-cylinder engine –25 °С –35 °С 3,5 l 3,0 l 2,5 l 3,0 l As antifreeze serves этиленгликоль – a liquid on the basis of spirit which does not evaporate and it is not evaporated. Just as protection against freezing, is important also protection against corrosion. Anticorrosive means interferes with formation in system of cooling of a scum, a rust and other products of corrosion. Therefore it is impossible to merge in the spring cooling liquid filled in at factory, it throughout all year remains in cooling system. In workshops Audi own antifreeze «G 011 A8 C» is used. In a factory complete set application also other products which have a mark «according to TL VW 774 C» is supposed. Probably, at the expense of other concentration other proportions in the mixes different from the information, resulted in the table are formed. Therefore for the sake of precaution pay attention to the data on packing. However, antifreeze of different manufacturers can be mixed without fears.

Российское тюнинг ателье под названием Met-R в мае этого года представила широкому кругу ознакомиться с  своим новым проектом, который будет называться BMW X6 Interceptor. Основой для данного комплекта  стали многочисленные  элементы аэродинамики, благодаря  которым ширина автомобиля была максимально увеличена. И вот теперь тюнеры порадовали нас фотографиями своей работы.