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Устройство. Часть 2

At Audi A4 quattro the so-called bridge with double cross-section levers in which centre there is a drive on back wheels is behind established. The forward bridge At four levers of an independent suspension bracket of a forward axis in Audi each wheel copes four aluminium cross-section levers. Two top cross-section levers are fixed on a design by means of резинометаллических bearings and connected to a wheel support spherical heads with the lowered friction. Both bottom cross-section levers of a suspension bracket (on one – bearing and leading levers) are fixed on a stretcher by means of резинометаллического the bearing, and each of them is connected to a support of a wheel a spherical head with the lowered friction. The gazonapolnennyj shock-absorber and a screw spring are connected in an amortisation rack. The amortisation rack does not incur a problem of management of wheels. The additional spring from cellular полиуретана in a combination to a coupling buffer spring in shock-absorbers provides comfortable interception of strong fluctuations of a body on a forward axis. Levers of an independent suspension bracket are located in such a manner that substantially smooth out приподниманием a forward part of the car in a start of motion and its lowering during braking. For decrease in longitudinal movements of an axis the internal bearing of the leading lever демпфируется a hydraulic way. The tubular stabilizer fixed on a stretcher which is connected to the bearing lever by means of a rod, reduces a body list on turns. At the expense of aluminium use in various details of an axis and in a constructive configuration, and also as a result of application of high-strength materials in springs it was possible to keep low weight of an expensive design of a suspension bracket. Positive properties of a forward suspension bracket with four levers of an independent suspension bracket form the block with operated wheels which passes almost vertically through the wheel centre. With operated wheels the engineer means a prospective line round which the wheel moves at wheel movement by the block. The block with operated wheels near to the wheel middle possesses the big advantages as at a forward drive along with the efforts put for turn of a wheel, are transferred also приводные efforts which are applied again in the wheel centre. The distance between an axis with operated wheels and the wheel centre less, the more shortly the lever and the is less influence of hindrances on a steering. At a forward axis with four levers of an independent suspension bracket in А4 influence drivers efforts to a steering as the distance between an axis with operated wheels and the centre of a wheel is not enough is almost eliminated – it makes only 10 mm. The back bridge in cars with a forward drive The known back bridge with the interfaced levers consists of two rigid on a bend and the krutilno-rigid pipelike longitudinal levers connected krutilno-plastic, rigid on a bend by a V-shaped cross-section profile. The additional stabilizer is welded with the ends of longitudinal levers. Thanks to it high cross-section rigidity of the bridge and outstanding stability of a track are reached. This back bridge should be anew adjusted concerning many details. Thus the priority purpose is increase of comfortableness and stability of movement, decrease in noise and weight reduction. The design of the back bridge with the interfaced levers promotes that at simultaneous compression of both wheels he behaves as the back bridge with longitudinal levers, and at serial compression of a spring amortisation telescopic rack as the diagonal lever of an independent suspension bracket of the back bridge. The back bridge of models Quattro Models Audi A4 quattro are supplied by dual cross-section levers of an independent suspension bracket of wheels, including elastic support for back wheels.

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