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Mechanical transmission Capacity of the engine is transferred by means of coupling to an entrance shaft of a transmission. On this entrance or a power shaft there are 6 gear wheels (including backing transfer) which are constantly connected to six corresponding gear wheels on a so-called target shaft. These gear wheels can rotate freely until at inclusion of certain transfer there will be no coupling of one of gear wheels to a corresponding opposite gear wheel on a power shaft. The parity of number of a teeth of each pair gear wheels gives a corresponding step of transfer. In ours Audi – as well as in all cars – there are completely synchronised forward transfers. Transfer of a backing to avoid a gnash at inclusion of this transfer is in addition synchronised also. Gear wheels on приводном and the day off shaft lean against "needles" ( штифтовидные rollers). Thus, there is no rigid connection between shaft and gear wheels. Gear wheels as already was told, remain always linked. At transfer switching connection between a gear wheel and shaft, instead of between gear wheels is created. To synchronise frequency of rotation of a shaft and a gear wheel, one detail of a shaft slides concerning one detail of other shaft by means of frictional elements. Thanks to a friction the shaft rotating faster, затормаживается until at synchronous rotation cannot be created the connection providing transfer of a power stream. As for synchronisation of number of turns fractions of a second are required, it is not necessary to "tear" with force the gear change lever, especially at the cold engine and still dense oil in a transmission. The problems connected with a gear change If transfers are switched hardly or after long parking switching has a heavy course more often the malfunction source is in coupling, instead of in a transmission (see has undressed the Help at malfunctions in the head Coupling ). The adjustment of a gear change described more low serves to result the gear change lever in correct position and thanks to it to correct switching courses.