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Between an impellent compartment and a windscreen in so-called влагоулавливающей to a box take places a tank with a brake liquid (1), the main brake cylinder (2) and the brake amplifier (3). In a photo marks of level of filling of a tank "MOVE" and «MIN» are well visible. This yellowish, poisonous and aggressive in relation to an automobile varnish a liquid does not corrode metal and rubber details. She remains enough жидкотекучей at–40 °С and, despite the жидкотекучесть , possesses extremely high boiling point approximately nearby 260 °С . But the brake liquid possesses very unpleasant property: it willingly absorbs water, it «гигроскопична» . Water, for example at the expense of humidity of atmospheric air, can really get into a brake liquid: through a broad tank or through microscopic not tight sites in brake hoses or in rubber cuffs. Such впитывание waters results not only in corrosion of metal details of brake system, but also causes fast fall of a boiling point of a brake liquid. At the water maintenance of all in 2,5 % its boiling point is only at 150 °С . Close разогретых brakes steam vials in a hydraulic liquid can be formed. They are compressed – the brake pedal can deeply fail, sometimes the foot presses simply in emptiness! In this case fast prorolling of a liquid by a brake pedal sometimes helps. This effect is especially dangerous at a stop of the car after strong loading on brakes. Because of a head wind lack everything which are in an environment of brakes, is warmed up even more strongly. And approximately only in half an hour the temperature of a brake liquid goes down to the normal. Therefore the maintenance service plan orders preventive replacement of a brake liquid every two year. The brake liquid should correspond to specification FMVSS 116 DOT 4. With such designation it is possible without fear to mix all liquids.

Всегда задавался вопросом….как делают анчоусы? неужели каждую рыбку обезглавливают и потрошат? … солят /на 4-6 месяцев/, а потом вручную укладывают в баночки /под оливк. маслом/. нет конечно) она уже такая плавает) забей в яндексе: как делают анчоусы) Хамсу потрошить — плёвое дело! Да. Именно так. Во всяком случае, я домашние анчоусы так и делала. Более того, их не только потрошат, но и позвоночник вынимают.

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