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Термическая обработка металлов

Here the sequence in which fixing bolts of an inlet collector of the six-cylinder engine with working volume 2,6 and 2,8 l are tightened is shown. Only so it is possible to avoid at installation of deformation of an inlet collector. The six-cylinder engine with working volume 2,8 l The high twisting moment even at low frequency of rotation is provided with a long soaking up tube with small diameter. On the contrary, for maintenance of the big capacity of the engine at high frequency of rotation the short soaking up tube with the big cross-section section is required. To combine that and another, firm Audi has developed a switched inlet collector. In it depending on a situation are closed and six open заслонок . Thanks to it at the disposal of each cylinder there is one of soaking up tubes of different length and with different diameter: or an inlet collector for twisting moment maintenance (a long tube with small diameter) or an inlet collector for capacity support (a short tube with the big diameter). All six заслонок are put in action by the lowered pressure and cope depending on engine turns: to 4000 rpm they are closed for maintenance of a high twisting moment. Over 4000 rpm they are completely open for capacity support. Below 4000 rpm by means of an inlet collector of a twisting moment about 30 Nanometers in comparison with мощностным an inlet collector are won. The engine with working volume reaches 2,8 l of the maximum twisting moment in 245 Nanometers at 3000 rpm at use of gasoline of mark euro-super (euro-Super); with gasoline super plus (98 ROZ) the twisting moment raises to 250 Nanometers. In a wide range from 2000 to from above 5500 rpm on hand there are a minimum of 220 Nanometers. Check of functioning of a switched inlet collector Switching of an inlet collector needs to be checked only in the event that the capacity lack is observed. In the beginning check up a hand ease of a course of the lever mechanism.

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